About My Photography

Ansel Adams said "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer". This statement resonates very strongly with me and summarizes why I dabble in photography. For me, photography is a vehicle for sharing my world with others, while also providing me with a way to remember past experiences.

I only photograph things I personally find interesting. This is reflected in my style and choice of subjects, generally landscapes and nature photography. I am particularly fascinated by interpretive black and white landscapes, illustrative and "night sky" photography. Conversely, I don't do any portraiture or street photography.

I believe reality is highly subjective and hence have no interest in "photo journalism" or other such reality focused photography sub-genres. I unapologetically (and often drastically) post-process my images. The majority of my images are stylised interpretations of scenes. I believe this helps me better communicate my memories and experiences. This can be a polarizing topic in photography circles, so it's good for visitors to know where I stand on the matter :)

I welcome you to join me on my journeys through this weird and wonderful world of ours - one photo at a time!
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