I initially created the Fine Art Panel for myself to fill gaps in other panels that I was using and to automate manual actions. However after discussions with a few friends and as a service to the photography community, the features were expanded out to become a more general purpose panel, better suited to beginners.

For advanced users, I would still recommend the more popular commercial panels that are available on the internet. More esoteric features have been intentionally kept out of this panel to keep it simple and better suited to people that have not used panels before. I personally use a combination of other panels and this one.

The Fine Art Panel is currently provided for use ONLY to members of FOCUS Australia (Focus Plus members) and students of Adam Williams (Easyway Photography), since I have personally benefited greatly from both these organisations.

Be aware that if you have received this panel from any other source not listed on this page (or directly from me), you are using an unauthorized (pirate) copy.

If you run a photography organisation, club, education service etc and are interested in distributing my panel to your members, please contact me to discuss licensing terms (using the "contact me" link at the top of this page).

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